10 years!

Written by Admin

I can’t believe I let this pass by without so much as a word, but we’ve officially been in business for 10 years as of May! As most of you know, I started this business because I had numerous friends and family members looking for affordable hosting, at a time when it was very hard to come by. Since I had already been running my own servers for a couple of years for the various domains we own, people would come to me for help. At first I just gave friends space on my own servers. But at a time when disk space and bandwidth were still pretty pricey, I just couldn’t afford to do it for free anymore. So serve-you.net was born.

We started small, and remain small to this day. Though things have changed considerably over the years. When I started, the cost of dedicated servers was still very costly, so we started by hosting everything out of our home office. I had a T-1 line run to the house, and had a rack of servers next to my desk. While I had some beefy UPS systems, I was at the mercy of the utility companies. As a reminder of the importance of redundancy, hurricane Isabel decided to make an appearance the week before our scheduled migration in September 2003. Our servers remained online for about an hour, before going dark for several hours with the rest of Northern Virginia.

It never has been, nor will it ever be my goal to be the biggest host out there. I continue to do this because I enjoy doing it. We continue to operate entirely on word of mouth advertising. I like the fact that I personally know most of our customers, and I’d like to think that the feeling is mutual.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued business over the past 10 years, and I look forward to many more!