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Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding is the simple act of redirecting a URL to another. For example, let's say that you have domain.com with a WordPress site on it. You decide to buy domain.net, and want the visitors to that domain, to end up on your domain.com site. You setup the domain forward and point domain.net to domain.com and you're done. This is all handled at the DNS level, so you never even have to set anything up on the webserver. You would usually set this up with your hosting account, but it can also be added as a free service with your domain registration.

There are two types of domain forwarding that you can setup. The first is a standard redirect. When someone goes to domain.net, they are redirected to domain.com in their browser. The URL will change in their browser. The second method is called domain masking or cloaking. In this scenario, the user goes to domain.net in their browser, and sees the content of domain.com, but the URL does not change. It's important to note that you will need an SSL Certificate that matches both domains in this scenario.

Need to build end user trust?

While free SSL certificates are great to encrypt data, the one thing they lack is trust. One of the main components of an SSL certificate form a respected Certificate Authority, is the validation of the business/owner. Domain Validation is simple, and there is no verification that the person who has the domain is who they say they are. If you're transmitting any personal or financial data on your website, you need a validated certificate. We sell a variety of SSL certificates for every need, at some of the lowest prices on the web, starting at just $9.95/yr.

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