Hosting Affiliate Program

Join our hosting affiliates program, and earn cash for your referrals!


Unlimited earning potential

Our affiliate program is free to join, and super easy to setup. It's as simple as signing up, and giving someone a custom link. They click the link which takes them to our shopping cart, pick their services and buy. You get a percentage based commission on the entire order. It's that simple. Here's a breakdown of commissions based on product.

  • Shared Hosting - 20% Recurring
  • WordPress Hosting - 20% Recurring
  • Email Hosting - 20% Recurring
  • Domains - 10% Recurring
  • SSL Certificates - 10% Recurring

Why partner with serve-you.net?

We're a small business, and we've always relied almost completely on word-of-mouth referrals. Why not get paid a little something, for promoting the services you already use? Commissions can be paid out as credits to your account, to decrease the cost of your own services, or can be paid out as cash.

While no one's gonna get rich off of being an affiliate, there is unlimited potential to how much you can earn. Considering the price of some products like premium SSL Certificates, this can equate to a nice little chunk of change. We'll even start you off with $10 in credit, just for signing up!


Features For Affiliate Success

Your success, is our success. We provide the awesome features and service for both you, and your referrals.

Control Panel

Manage and view your affiliate account from directly within your existing client login in our billing system.

Multiple images

We've created multiple banners and images for you to link back from your site.

Easy Tracking

Track your referrals and payments with ease.

Campaign tools

You have the ability to setup multiple vouchers, for varying campaigns.

Control your payouts

You choose how you get paid once you earn enough credits for payout.

Custom landing page

You can set your affiliate landing page to anything you want.

Ready To Become An Affiliate?

Joining and getting setup is simple. If you're not already a serve-you.net user, the first step is to signup. Once in the portal, go to the affiliates link, and get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. Still have questions? Contact us!

The user would be assigned to the affiliate for 60 days after clicking your affiliate link.

The user would be assigned to the affiliate of the last link they clicked. You can also use voucher codes to avoid this.

A user must order a product through your affiliate link, or voucher code, and all products must remain active for at least a month. After 35 days, the commission would be deposited into your affiliate account.

A voucher code allows you as an affiliate, to generate a coupon code to offer to your referred users. You can give them a discounted price, that would come out of your commission. This allows you to sell products at a lower price than we do, as a way to get more referrals.

Yes! You'll get commission on every renewal, as long as they remain a customer.

Nope. As long as they are valid referrals, you'll earn a commission on them. You're helping bring us business, so we're sharing that with you. We'll even start you off with a $10 bonus just for signing up!