Why do you still use IE?

Written by Admin

It’s a simple question really. However I find myself asking people this question a lot. Why do you still use Internet Explorer? Did you know that of the roughly 60% of the world who use IE, around 10% still use IE6, which was released 9 years ago?!?! Another 15%-20% use IE7, which is also nearly 4 years old. And let’s be honest here, there really isn’t a lot to like about these old browsers. The security vulnerabilities seem to pop up daily, and Microsoft doesn’t even patch them in a timely manner, even when fully exposed. There are more choices than ever now with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari all performing well, and following web standards (which IE still doesn’t fully).

I understand those who have a need to use it for some work related site that was poorly coded and requires IE to function properly. But there are fewer and fewer of these sites, and these sites are usually internal to your company, where the risk should be a bit more limited vs out on the wide open internet. That said, even if you needed to use IE for a specific site, is there a reason why you don’t use it ONLY for these sites where you need it? Probably not. The main reason is because people are complacent or lazy. Yes, I said it.

This is not to say that other browsers don’t have security flaws. Quite the contrary. Firefox constantly has security advisories. The difference is that they make an effort to patch them immediately. More importantly, the other browsers aren’t tangled up in Windows the way that IE is. The average IE flaw exposes your OS to the attacker. This is how many of the worms propagate, because the browser is able to completely take control of your computer due to the way that IE is coded.

So why not try something new? Improve your browsing experience, and hopefully your computer’s security at the same time. There are tons of cool add-ons that can save you time, and make you more productive. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you keep it up to date!

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