Well, that took longer than planned...

Written by Admin

So it’s now been a month since my last post. At that time, I had fully intended to be migrating our billing system within a week or so. I had already evaluated a few platforms, and had settled on one. However, as the week progressed, I found more and more issues, and grew more and more frustrated with it. While the dev team was responsive, and seemed genuinely interested in the problems I presented, there was no real sense of urgency to address them. There just ended up being a whole lot of shortcomings that I would have to work around, starting with the migration itself. After a few test runs, and a few hacks to try and address things, it was looking like a ton of work would be required just to get everything working enough to “flip the switch”.

During all of this evaluation, there was one system that I had not tried, because I kind of wrote them off due to some pretty old history, and second hand information. Since I was pretty unhappy with how things were going, I decided that it was irresponsible to not even consider them without at least giving the product a once over. So I ponied up, and bought it, and started in on it. I was immediately surprised by how complete it was, compared to the other solutions I had been evaluating. Out of the box, it did almost everything I wanted it to do, and pretty well. My initial test import, had only minor issues that I would need to address. I decided right then and there, to drop what I was doing and focus on this one.

This is the way

While going through all of this, I realized that there was a ton of things that would need to be updated on our frontend to support this, so I decided it was time for a complete refresh of the site. Keep in mind, we haven’t done a full site refresh in well, forever. While we’ve had several iterations of our site over the past two decades, most of the content has just kind of migrated into the new designs. This time, I really wanted to start fresh. This is actually quite a large undertaking. While it doesn’t seem like it on the surface, There are a ton of pages, sections, faqs, etc that have to be dealt with. We had a lot of static things, around product offerings that I wanted to change over the years, but I just never got around to doing it. There’s a lot of interaction with the billing system as well.

So I got to work on it, right around the time of the last post. Here we are a full month later, and I’m just about ready to go live. I spent probably two weeks on SSL Certificates alone! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much was involved there. In our current, and older iterations, we always offered just a handful of SSL Certificates from a single brand. The sad/funny part is, that I setup a new SSL reseller account years ago with the plan to expand the offerings, and lower prices. Same thing with domains. We had only a handful of TLD’s offered for sale (simply because they were the only ones that existed 20 years ago!), even though I’ve long had the ability to sell hundreds. So as you can imagine, this is a complete overhaul of how we handle these products on our frontend, and integration with our backend providers.

I’ve gotta say though, I’m really excited to show you all what I’ve spent a crazy amount of time working on. And when I say I, I really mean me. I’ve done almost all of the site design myself. 😲 I learned a totally new framework, and all kinds of other cool things in the process. Something I still love after all these years, and the reason I still do this. Anyhow, stay tuned, we’ll be launching very soon!