New users site!

Written by Admin

Hey Folks, is proud to announce the launch of our new users site! We have been trying to get everything in one place for quite some time now, but there has always been one thing or another that just didn’t fit. We found a great solution that encompasses all aspects of billing & support, and we are absolutely in love with it!

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Includes Billing, Help Desk, Knowledge base, & status all from a single integrated site

  • Single sign on

  • Automated domain registrar, and management from the system

  • Full automation with Plesk, allowing for one click upgrades

  • Email history showing the full email of any emails dispatched by the system (invoices, welcome, support responses)

  • A clean and simple to navigate system

We are still working on some redesign on As soon as the new pages go live, we are going to fully integrate the users site with the same look and feel of our homepage.

All data has been migrated from our old billing system. Your login/password to the new system should be the same as it was for the old system. If for some reason you are unable to login, click on the forgotten password link, and the system will send your password to the email address on file.

Additionally, we have created some new Flash Demo’s to help you get familiar with the system. You can find these in the Knowledge Base.

Please take a few moments to login and check things out. Now would be a good time to double check your information, and make any necessary updates.

A few added bonuses for our loyal customers:

1) We are once again updating our hosting packages. This time, we’re lowering our prices on all shared hosting plans. And even better, we’re including all existing accounts in this price decrease effective immediately! Your next invoices will reflect the lower prices automatically. Some custom deals will not be affected by this change, since those deals were already below cost. These prices will be published to the public later this week.

2) We have negotiated a new deal with a different domain registrar. Our current registrar has been raising prices at a rate of nearly double what the actual registry increases have been over the past 2 years. In turn, we were going to be faced with the prospect of raising prices in order to maintain a decent profit from our services. Instead we chose to move to a new registrar, and we are lowering our rates!

However, in order for you to be able to take advantage of the lower rates, we will need to transfer your domains to our new registrar. This can be done at any time before your current expiration. However, all domains must be transferred within a week of their expiration date. We will not be renewing any domains with our current registrar. All that is required of you is to accept the transfer authorization once we initiate it. We will be initiating transfers for all domains within a couple weeks of their expiration, as the actual transfer will take 5 days to complete. If your domain expires, it cannot be transfered!

Right now, we have special pricing for all domain transfers at only $11.95! This of course includes a one year renewal. After that, renewal pricing will be $12.95 per year for most TLD’s. We aren’t sure how long this special pricing will last, so take advantage of it while you can! If you have domains at other higher priced registrars, now would be a good time to start saving some cash!

Open up a support ticket today, to request that your transfers be initiated.

More news to come!