Installatron auto-installer

Installatron is a state-of-the-art web application auto-installer and auto-upgrader (also known as a script installer) plugin for web hosting control panels. With Installatron, you are able to install, manage, and upgrade a growing list of web applications at the click of a button. Installatron will email you when an update is available for an installed script, and can even backup your apps so you have a fallback if you run into problems with a new version! Below you will find a constantly updated list of the available apps. Click on them to find out more details about each.

Current Version5.4.3


Install Size52MB
Requires MYSQL Database


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English, Español (Spanish), Français, Nederlands (Dutch), Português (Portuguese)


ClientExec is a commercial billing and client management application. ClientExec was initially released in 2002 and today is trusted by thousands of companies.

  • Complete Help Desk: Have your staff manage support tickets painlessly and quickly. Prevent emails and support issues from getting lost. ClientExec's email management system helps you route, track and deliver messages.
  • Administration: ClientExec frees you to grow your business, by providing an easy way to setup your offerings and automate the daily tasks associated with administering your company. Cleverly organized to avoid bloat.
  • Billing Module: Whether you're invoicing for your work, or creating a recurring fee, ClientExec tracks all the related information. The invoice manager allows merging of billable items, accepts major credit cards, archives invoices, and even tracks credits.
  • Insightful Reports: Over 10 open sourced reports instantly give you a complete picture of your business. With just a few clicks of the mouse, everything is at your fingertips - revenue reports, support reviews, and more.
  • Intuitive Interface: ClientExec provides a separate interface for both your customers and staff members. The intuitive and user friendly client interface allows your customers to receive either support or quickly perform various billing and profile functions.
-ClientExec developer


Available Versions

5.4.32016-06-21 (latest version)