General DNS Questions

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is a DNS?
  3. I don't have a website, can I still get a domain name?
  4. How long can my domain name be? What characters can it contain?
  5. Who is OpenSRS?
  6. What is the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)?
  7. Which Top Level Domains(TLD) do you offer?
  8. Is there any difference in a domain registered through, and one registered through Network Solutions/Verisign?
  9. Registry? Registrar? Registrant? What do these words mean?
  10. Who does a registered name actually belong to, the end user or the Registration Service Provider?
  11. What forms of payment do you accept?
  12. How can you offer domain names for so much cheaper than other sites?
  13. Can I upgrade my account?
  14. I made a mistake. Can I cancel my domain name?
  15. How long does it take for my domain name to become active?
  16. Can I register more than one domain name with my account?
  17. Can I use your forwarding service to forward my domain to an adult site or warez site?
  18. I heard that some browsers do not support frame forwarding. Is this true?
  19. What requirements are there for transferring a domain name to
  20. Do you offer reseller services?

Email Service Only Questions

  1. What happens if someone sends an e-mail to a locked, suspended, cancelled or terminated account?
  2. If I change my e-mail address will e-mail sent to my current address be forwarded to my new address?
  3. How can I access my Web Based E-mail system?
  4. Can I Change My E-mail Address?
  5. Can I Change My E-mail Password?
  6. I forgot/lost my password. What should I do?
  7. Is there a way to securely check my e-mail?
  8. When will my E-mail and Domain name become accessible throughout the Internet?
  9. How will I know if my Domain and E-mail has been activated?
  10. Why can't I access my Web-based Mail System?
  11. Why can't I access my E-mail Administration Area?
  12. What is a Vacation Message?
  13. Can I set my e-mail to deliver automatic replies?
  14. How do I send attachments?
  15. I have received an attachment - what do I do now?
  16. Why does my e-mail show up blank for some people?
  17. How do I find someone's e-mail address?
  18. Does it cost more to send e-mail overseas?
  19. What is my E-mail address?
  20. What is a catch-all?
  21. How long does it take for e-mail to be received?
  22. How can I be sure my mail was sent OK?
  23. How long will my e-mail be stored on the mail server?
  24. How will I know when my mailbox is full?
  25. What happens if I leave my e-mail on the mail server?
  26. What is Spamming?
  27. What is a virus?
  28. What are all those acronyms people use in their messages?
  29. What are those marks people put at the end of a sentence?
  30. What is WebMail?
  31. Can I send and receive attachments through WebMail?
  32. How much e-mail can I keep in my account?
  33. How do I sign in to WebMail?
  34. For some reason, my WebMail inbox appears empty. Why can't I access the same messages I can see at home?
  35. Through WebMail I can't find the addresses I have entered in my e-mail account at home. Why is that?
  36. I receive errors when I try and login to WebMail, why is this?